The Glen “Big Baby” Davis Foundation

The Glen “Big Baby” Davis Foundation’s mission is to steer inner city youth away from defiant behavior through a focus on literacy, healthy lifestyles, and recreational activities. Its mission is supported by donations from individuals, corporations, grants and fundraising. The Glen “Big Baby” Davis Foundation has 5 core initiatives and programs:

Big Baby Books
The “Booking it With Baby” Literacy Tour
Big Baby Reading Centers
A Big Baby Healthy Lifestyle
Glen Davis Scholarship and Endowment Fund

The Glen “Big Baby” Davis Foundation launched in the summer of 2011 with an annual event, Booking it with Baby, in partnership with the East Baton Rouge Parish Library System. The foundation will join with the library to utilize its mobile units, Books on Wheels, to bring books and literacy to kids in the community at various camps and libraries throughout the city. In it’s first year, the Booking it with Baby tour reached over 1,500 kids ages 5-15.

Our goal is to create awareness of childhood literacy and demonstrate the positive impact reading has on youth and on the entire Baton Rouge community.   To reach our goal, we need your support.  We admire and are grateful for the support already received and ask that you also join in support with us to make this annual event, and the foundation, a success.


Thank you for your interest in the Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis Foundation. Your support is greatly appreciated. The gift of reading can make a difference in every child’s life. Your contribution can help ensure that Glen’s foundation continues to share its message that reading is fundamental and important to succeed in life.

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